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Q: What areas of Hepburn Shire might find this site handy?

The following towns are closest (within 0-10km) to the weather station: Blampied, Dean, Eganstown, Kingston, Korweinguboora, Langdons Hill, Leonards Hill, Mollongghip, Mount Prospect, Newlyn, Newlyn North, Rocklyn, Sailors Falls

Within 10 to 15km: Allendale, Bolwarra, Bullarook, Clarkes Hill, Claretown, Creswick, Daylesford, Hepburn, Hepburn Springs, Musk, Pootilla, Smeaton, Spargo Creek, Springbank, Wattle Flat

The closest Bureau of Meteorology operated weather station for most of Hepburn Shire is Ballarat Airport

Q: How do I save the weather site as an icon on my iPhone or iPad ?

A: Great news - the site is optimised just for you!  Click here for instructions

Q: Where did this weather web site come from ?

A: The weather station & weather web site are funded & maintained by IML Design Pty Ltd - www.imldesign.com.au - an IT software business based in Hepburn Shire, as a service for the shire's community & farmers.

Q: When did the Mount Prospect weather station come online?

A: 3pm March 9th 2015.  The web site launched March 22nd 2015.

Q: Reliability during black outs?

A: Whilst we cannot guarantee the uptime of the weather station, it does have solar battery backup. The network equipment used to route the information to the NBN Fixed Wireless network has UPS backup of approx 3 hours. And the NBN tower itself has a backup generator set. You should always check the bureau of meteorology www.bom.gov.au and www.cfa.vic.gov.au site during dangerous weather & fire periods for up to date information and alerts.

Technical Stuff
The Mount Prospect weather station consists of a commercial grade weather station manufactured by Davis Instruments USA and supplied by Davis Instruments Australia.

It is fitted with an array of sensors to measure rain fall, wind speed & direction, humidity, dew point, barometric pressure and temperature.

Data is collected in real time and updated every minute to a Microsoft SQL Server database via the NBN Fixed Wireless network to the data centre which hosts this website. Observation history data is stored every 15 minutes.

The forecast is automatically generated by the weather station and is based on the barometric reading & trend, wind speed & direction, rainfall, temperature, humidity, latitude & longitude, and time of year. No meteorologist is involved in the preparing the forecast :)

For a brief history of Mount Prosepect click here

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